Adult Sunday School – This ministry takes seriously the thought that “you never graduate from Sunday School!”  We are all called to take an active role in growing in our faith.  Bible study, courses and groups equip us for healthy lives and daily discipleship.

The Sunday Class will resume in September 11th, 2022.    

“Gems from the Apostle Paul” 
Each Sunday we will tackle some key passages, “gems,” from the Epistles of Paul.  We’ll explore what the passage meant to its original recipients and what it means for us today.  We will also examine how the passage has shaped the church by looking at how some of the early church leaders and leaders of the Reformation viewed the text.  Plan now to make study of God’s word a priority this fall.  This class meets in the Fellowship Hall in between the services on Sunday mornings (9:45-10:40am).


If you would like to view past classes please visit:  Romans Renovation Recorded (2021 Sunday Class)

PB’s Thursday Bible Study – This Bible study is a great opportunity to newly engage with God’s Word and receive strength for your journey.  PB never gives tests or puts you on the spot.  Give it a try! Our Fall series is based on the Gospel of Luke – “The Gospel for the Long Haul”  .. read more…..



Foundations Class – In this class, we cover the basics of Christianity from a Lutheran perspective.  It is a great class for people who are wondering about the faith, those who would like to refresh their faith and those who would like to become members of SLC via Baptism or Affirmation of Faith.  For more information or to view previous courses click the link below.

Foundations Course

Manna Bible Study – This ministry provides a mid-week Bible study opportunity for those who would like to “dig a little deeper”  into the lessons for Sunday morning worship.  This Small Group Bible Study generally meets on Wednesday mornings at 10:45am in Room 4, just prior to the Hearty Meal program, a ministry of SLC.  Learners look at the lessons for the upcoming Sunday’s Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel lessons.  Opportunities for discussion and fellowship offer a wonderful way to get more out of Sunday morning texts.  Pasts Manna Classes can be viewed on SLC’s YouTube Channel-Manna.

Lay School of Theology – The Lay School of Theology is a yearly educational opportunity to learn in-depth about a theological subject, which varies from year to year.  Taught by guest speakers.

Community Group Bible Studies – These groups seek to offer an authentic Christian community.  They typically study the Sunday scriptures and sermons from the Sunday prior to when they meet.  The hope is to connect daily life with the Sunday proclamation.  In addition to the Bible study, the groups build caring and supportive relationships and pray for each other.  These groups are continuing to grow and we can find a Community Group for you!  Please refer to our Small Groups Page for additional information.

We also offer other Educational Opportunities throughout the year. Contact the Office or Pastoral Staff at 692-9263 for current educational opportunities.


Reference for Thursday Bible Class – Luther Letters to his father Hans Luther

Reference for Infant Baptism

Reference for Models of Atonement

Reference for How to Read the Gospels

Reference for Luther on Simultaneous Saint and Sinner

Reference for Luthers Practical Advice on Prayer

Reference for Luther Quotes Faith and Grace Alone

Reference for Luther Quotes on Scriptures Alone

Reference for Luther 2 Kinds of Righteousness

Reference for Luther Law/Gospel Distinction

Reference for Nicene Creed Accord 2 Scriptures

Reference for On Christian Liberty

Reference for Unpacking the Creeds of our Church – Lay School 2016

Reference for Luther The 10 Commandments

Lutheran Paradoxes Session I

Lutheran Paradoxes Session II

Lutheran Paradoxes Session III

Lutheran Paradoxes Session IV

Luther’s Paradoxes Session 5

Luther’s Paradoxes Session 6

Luther’s View of the 2 Kingdoms

Bible Concept for Sacrifice

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