Sunday School

Sunday School is a ministry that seeks to provide rich learning opportunities in a safe, welcoming and grace-oriented environment for all youth -members and friends alike.  Registration for the next Sunday School year will open in August.

Confirmation Courses

Confirmation is a three year process, and students will have the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and faith as well as create connections with smaller groups.  Read More…

Adult Education

Our Adult Sunday School Ministry takes seriously the thought that “you never graduate from Sunday School!”   We are all called to take an active role in growing in our faith.   Read More…


We believe that the preschool years of a child’s life are a crucial time for learning life-long skills. We encourage independence, self-discipline, and provide opportunities to build each child’s self-esteem.  Read More…

Family Education

Our stepping stones program highlights major milestones in children’s lives from cradle to graduation. See the Stepping Stones page for more information on stepping stones as well as upcoming Stepping Stones classes.