Sanctuary Choir –The pinnacle of church music is the choir.  We rehearse weekly and lead worship twice per month.  We sing classic and modern choral masterworks.   In 2022 we traveled to Carnegie Hall to sing the Faure Requiem.  Auditions are not required, and practice recordings are available for those who don’t read, but sing with us long enough and you will learn.

Alleluia Ringers – Handbell choir rehearses weekly.  This ministry is open to anyone Junior High age and older and is an excellent ministry for those who already read music rhythms.  If you haven’t played handbells before, we’ll teach you!

EWB – The Electric Worship Band meets weekly to rehearse and leads worship about once a month.   This group takes hymns and plays them with electric instruments and arrangements blended with more modern praise music.

Song of the Church   This group is a bit like “Choir-lite.” We meet weekly Thursdays at noon and do vocal exercises.   Then we study and rehearse the upcoming Sunday’s hymns and songs.   Song of the Church is a good opportunity to exercise the voice and to dive deeper into the rich musical tradition of the church.   No audition or experience is required for this singing, and there is no performance obligation.

Quartets   – There is no higher test of vocal production and blend than what can be achieved in intimate quartet singing.   Our quartets are like small group cells of singers who choose to be together or assigned by the music director.

SLC Brass – A casual group of brass players that meets by appointment and plays along with the organ for festival Sundays.   Grab your horn and join the fun.

SLiCk Pickers – A bluegrass-style band that rehearses weekly and plays worship once a month.

SLC Orchestra – A casual group of string players that rehearses as arranged and plays for worship.

Our’Chestra – An ensemble of synthesizers and acoustic instruments rehearses weekly and plays for worship once per month.   We play hymns and classical repertoire.

Special Music – Sing or play an instrument at either 8:30 or 11:00 am service on Sundays as needed.  All ages are welcome!

Silverdale Lutheran’s Zoom Choir – During the Covid restriction phase, we continued to enliven the word through song how we could.    This group recorded hundreds of videos during 2020 and 2021 to keep us together and singing while we were physically distant.