We welcome you and your children to our church!  It is the goal of Silverdale Lutheran Church to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for your child.  We want you to feel secure about your child’s well-being while you attend services and activities at SLC.  We accomplish this goal in two ways:

  • We provide you, the parent, with the information you need to know about our nursery program: how it is run, the rules we have crafted to ensure a safe environment, and contact information you may use in the event you have questions.
  • We provide your child with a safe environment in which they can explore.  We offer two rooms, one for infants and the other for toddlers to ensure age-appropriate toys and activities, and both are properly childproofed.  Our nursery will always be staffed properly to ensure that your son or daughter is always being paid individual attention.

The nursery will also be open for specified events and educational programming as needed.

Click here to read, in more detail, about the nursery’s operations.