Our Youth Ministry at SLC starts with YOU, in the HOME, in a number of FAMILY situations – parents, grandparents, foster, etc.  We offer a variety of ways for youth to CONNECT in order to SUPPORT one another growing in our love for Jesus Christ and the world God made.

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the middle – for middle schoolers, in the middle of the week, putting Jesus in the middle of their life.
dinner, music, worship, games, a chance to connect with God & each other

wednesday evenings, 6pm-8pm (6th-8th grade)
at silverdale lutheran church

middle event page:  https://silverdalelutheran.org/event-items/the-middle/

middle schedule: https://silverdalelutheran.org/middle-schedule/

facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/slcmiddle



Confirmation – Faith is a journey that has many entry points, and this church is committed to meeting people where they are and helping them discover the gift and depth of following Jesus.  There is no specific “Confirmation class”, but core elements of our faith are part of our Wednesday and Sunday youth gatherings.  the middle sunday is focused on our faith tradition, and the middle wednesday on living out our faith.  Our high school SLY Sunday is focused on faith questions and conversations and SLY Wednesday on living out our faith.  We also offer retreats for 6-12th grade, Summer Servant Trips for 9-12th grade, and Mentors along the way to enrich our gathering time.  The Rite of Confirmation can happen as young people are ready, any time after the fall of their 10th grade year.

Confirmation Calendar

Confirmation Camp Out Sign Up:  https://silverdalelutheran.org/event-items/junior-high-campout/

Confirmation Form:  https://silverdalelutheran.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Confirmation-Registration-Form.pdf

Medical Release Form:  https://silverdalelutheran.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Youth_PrintableForms_MedicalContact.pdf


PrintSilverdale Lutheran Youth Group – Where the story of you and the story of high school meets the story of Jesus.

Snacks, music story, games, a chance to connect your story with God’s.

Wednesday Nights 6-8:00pm (9-12th grade)

Silverdale Lutheran Church

facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/280707635620596

SLY Schedule: https://silverdalelutheran.org/sly-schedule/



Stepping Stones – offers a variety for families to connect at five important stages in their child’s life.  We call it our CRADLE TO THE stepping-stonesCAP ministry, because it spans from birth to graduation.  Find out more at https://silverdalelutheran.org/stepping-stones/



Additional Resources Links:

Kids for Christ – events for 3rd – 5th graders:  https://silverdalelutheran.org/event-items/kids-for-christ-2/

Family Fun Nights – great events, especially for families with younger kids.  https://silverdalelutheran.org/event-items/kids-for-christ-2/

Sunday School for preschool to high school:  https://silverdalelutheran.org/sunday-school/
Sunday School Schedule: https://silverdalelutheran.org/sunday-school-schedule-2018-2019/

Adults, you need to be fed too, and we have a fabulous adult class on Sunday.  Find out more at: https://silverdalelutheran.org/adult-education/

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