The Romans Renovation

(PB’s Sunday Adult Education Class )

We are at chapter 10 in Romans and are right in the middle of Paul’s reflection on how God works in our world and in particular, how God is at work in the “no” of Paul’s own kin. We are into some heavy-duty stuff now but PB will help us see the grace and good news in what Paul is saying.  Don’t miss it!  Previous classes can be viewed at:

Watch and review previous Romans Renovation Sessions by clicking HERE

Topic:  “The Romans Renovation”  The Epistle of Romans is the centerpiece of the Apostle Paul’s letters and the most comprehensive of his letters.  We will spend the entire year walking through this letter discovering its beautiful presentation of the Gospel and the Christian life.  We’ll look at contemporary scholarship as well as the book’s essential role in the development of Christianity and in the Reformation. In many respects, the book of Romans is the keystone that unlocks all of scripture for us so whether you are new to the Bible or an experienced reader, this study will strengthen your walk and faith.  Come and join in the “Romans Renovation.”

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