Foundations of the Faith is a multi-week program led by Pastor Bill, at least twice a year.  The content is necessary for adults to become members of SLC but it is very helpful for all of us no matter where we are at in our faith journey.  A sample of the subjects covered are: The meaning of the Gospel, The Word, Sacraments, Lutheran Heritage and Theology, The Creeds, Worship-Process & Content, Prayer, Service, Spiritual Gifts, and Giving.  Interested?  Email and we’ll send you the info!


August 16 | 6pm |  Wednesday                        Luther/Lutheran Theology/Baptism 

August 23 | 6pm |  Wednesday                        Sacraments

August 30 | 6pm  | Wednesday                       God’s Proper Name & the Creed

September 6 | 6pm  | Wednesday                   Worship

September 13 | 6pm | Wednesday                   Discipleship/Spiritual Gifts/Evangelism/Giving

September 20  | 6pm  | Wednesday                  Ethics, “Public Church,” Social Issues, …

September 27 | 6pm | Wednesday                        

October 4  | 6pm |  Wednesday

October 11 | 6pm | Wednesday                       Orientation