Congregation members of Silverdale Lutheran Church. Grace and peace to you.

This year has been anything but typical, and we anticipate that trend will continue well into next year.  Planning a budget for 2021, a year that is full of unknowns with seemingly a new set of circumstances around each corner was not an easy task.  I think we did it!

We are providing our proposed budget to you well in advance of normal to give you time to review and prepare for our Annual Congregation Meeting on November 22, 2020.  Please find below the links for online documents for your review:

Annual Report

Nominations and Ballot for 2021


 2021 Budget

2021 Benevolences

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

Using last year’s budget platform, we:

Added (5) new supporting part-time positions to address ministry needs.

  • Worship Media Producer
  • Sound Tech
  • Children, Family and Military Outreach
  • Pastoral Care Assistant and Women’s Ministry
  • Youth Ministry Assistant

 Gave raises to all staff and met the Synods recommendation for (2) Pastors.

Constructed the budget to be more flexible for staffing requirements and to address COVID-19 expenses.

Kept all programs funded as per last year’s budget.

Build in flexibility to allow us to adapt to circumstances as they arise.

 In addition, you will be hearing more about our staffing plans and the rationale for the new positions (in Pastor Bill’s Annual Report—written and via video) and also about our plans to enhance our communication and in-sanctuary worship streaming with a new Silverdale Church App for your phone or device.  We continue to look forward and beyond as we keep the best interest of SLC, our amazing Pastoral staff, and our tremendous support staff in our thoughts and prayers.

 The Annual Meeting is scheduled for November 22nd @ 12:30 pm