This Much I Know is True

We confess the truth of the Apostles’ Creed each Sunday; we confess it as truth in our confirmations at for our babies at their baptisms.  We confess our belief in our Triune God…but as Luther always asks, “What does this mean?”  His large and small catechisms help us unpack the creeds, but what does each article of the creed mean to you personally?

We will look at our external influences — our childhoods, geography, gender, education, pivotal life events — how they have shaped our beliefs.  Our universal creed is also our personal creed — so let’s dig into it and unpack what each Person of the Trinity means to us personally and how that belief shapes who we are as individuals and as the Church.  What is your “This Much I Know is True?”

Cost $260, scholarships are available.  Please contact Kim Grasmick if you are interested in a scholarship.

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