Auction procurement letter – click    HERE

SLC Receipts for Goods, Services and Monetary Donations Letter – click HERE

2020 Donation Request List ( business)  – click HERE  THANK YOU CHERYL!

Current List of Donations:

YOUTH                              Live Auction                                    Silent Auction                         
Joslyn                                  Dump Truck Service – FLYER
Molly, Chelaya, Audrey – BBQ FLYER
Ben & Oliver                      Yard Work – FLYER
Abigail                                Pressure Washing – FLYER
Nathan & Camden           Car Detailing – FLYER
Emma                                 Babysitting/2 sessions
Carl                                      Yard Work FLYER
Riley                                     Dog Walking – FLYER

Kathleen J                       Fire Dept Dinner/tour
Kathleen G.
Kathleen J #2                      Puppy PlayDate

YOUTH                      Live Auction                                         Silent Auction                         

Ann Daly                     Bernice’s Berries
Becky Beeler               Hand blown stained glass art piece
Wayne & Shelley Ferber

Assigned Auction Jobs:

Organizer/promotion – Kathleen
Auctioneer  – PJ
Live Auction Organizer – Kathleen
Silent Auction Organizer – Cheryl Thompson
Live & Silent Auction Sheets – Mark Johnson
Set Up & Decorations-   Laurie Larson & Joelle Ferber
Decorations – Laurie Larson & Joelle Ferber
Check in – Delaney Gallagher, Abigail Thompson
Reservations & Table Assignment – Kathleen Johnson
Record Keeping during Auction  – Corey & Paula Burchill
Cashiers – Mark & Kathleen Johnson (data)
                   Cindy Berry, Kathy Gallagher ( checks/cash/check out)
Supervise Take Down/clean up – Burchills
Kitchen – Serving Coordinator – Susan Mosby
Kitchen – Food prep –  ?????  to work with Chef Michael

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