Talk 19 “Prayer”

What are your biggest concerns or struggles when it comes to prayer? Did this talk help you in any particular way when it comes to how, why, or when you pray?

Talk 20 “Spiritual Gifts”

Have you thought about what gifts you have that can help to build up the Body of Christ? How do you use your gifts to bless others in your daily life? What do you do that when you do it, you “feel God’s pleasure?”

Talk 21 “Ethics”

What specifically did you find helpful from this talk on ethics and how we live for justice and peace in the world? What do you think about PB’s point that often people today only highlight the “bad” moments in the history of Christianity with little or no acknowledgment of all the good the church has and continues to do? How do you think we best care about the poor today?

Talk 22 “Financial Stewardship”

How would you explain the concept of “first fruits giving?” What do you think about Luther’s quote that there are three things that need to be converted in a person, their head, heart, and purse? Why is financial giving so important? What are some of the reasons or motivations we have for our financial giving?