Below are the links to the videos and discussion prompts to prepare you for week 3 of our Basics Discussion. To view the videos, simply click on the blue buttons. You will be automatically directed to that video. While you watch, consider the following discussion prompts:

Talk 14 “The Discipleship Map”
Where do you feel you are on the Discipleship Map? What might be the next step for you as you seek to be a follower of Jesus?

Talk 15 “Worship Process”
What do you think about the contrast that Pastor Bill made between a typical entertainment cultural event (movie, TV, concert, etc) and liturgical worship? How might viewing worship as “work” improve your overall worship experience?

Talks 16, 17, & 18 “Worship Content”
Talk 16 “Worship Content 1”

Talk 17 “Worship Content 2”

Talk 18 “Worship Content 3”
What specifically did you find helpful from these talks on the different parts of our worship service? What do you want to know more about when it comes to our worship content and sanctuary?