Talks 7 & 8: The Lutheran Heritage and Martin Luther and the Reformation

What would you say if someone asked you what “Lutheran” means?
What do you want to hear or know more about from these talks on the Lutheran movement and on Luther’s life?

Talks 9, 10, & 11: Intro to Sacraments & Baptism, Holy Communion Parts One and Two

How would you define a Sacrament? What do you think of our need for Sacraments? Do you need “something for your faith to cling to”?
Baptism was referred to as a “gift” where God gives forgiveness and salvation. How is this understanding helpful for you in your daily life?
What struck home about how we believe Christ is present in the supper? How is believing that Jesus’ body and blood are truly given in this meal helpful for your faith life?
What do you want to know more about when it comes to Baptism or the Lord’s Supper?

Talks 12 & 13 The Creed Part One and Two

You heard the classic teaching that God is one in essence and is three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is a mystery but one we are bound to try and put into words. What are your struggles here? How would you respond to those who say Christians are poly-theists (multiple Gods)?
What blessings are you most thankful for today?
How do we receive the forgiveness and redemption spoken of in the 2nd article and how do we live it out?
How and where do you see the Holy Spirit working today?