RESCHEDULED Ladies Night Out – JULY 17th (Originally March 14th)

Amy Barnes – We Should Hang Out 2020 in Bremerton, WA  Christian Comedian Amy Barnes is coming to the Bremerton Community Theater on July 17th for a Ladies’ Night Out event.  We will purchase our own tickets, however we can attend the event as a group (seating is not assigned)  Tickets are $22.00 per person.  For more information please visit:

About Amy: Engineer turned comedian, Amy Barnes has performed at over 500 churches and Christian events nationwide. She has numerous national TV appearances and writing credits from Comedy Central to National Lampoon.  She has written for Bonnie Hunt, Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, and Nancy Travis.  She is also a wife, a dance mom, a PTA President, and a CASA.  She has a special way of connecting with both women inside the church and those who may be walking through the doors for the very first time.

Some clips to watch here:   “Pie Gaps vs Thigh Gaps”  and  “Tidying Up” 

Tentative Dates for LNO – depending on Covid-19 restrictions

May 11th – Ladies Night Out – Best Western Silverdale 6:30PM “Sharing our Faith Stories”

June 9th Ladies Night In – MOVIE NIGHT at SLC begins at 6pm – Room #4

Woman in Gold – movie trailer online at:  Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee, takes on the Austrian government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family.

“She is the Mona Lisa of Austria. Do you think they will just let her go?”

That’s the question posed by Maria Altmann, an aging Austrian living in Los Angeles who decides the time has come to stake a longshot legal claim on the crown jewel of her Jewish family’s Nazi-pilfered legacy: the famed “Lady in Gold,” a portrait of her beloved Aunt Adele painted by renowned Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.  The catalyst for her claim? Discovering letters in her deceased sister’s house hinting that the painting was perhaps willed to her and her sister.

Young lawyer Randol “Randy” Schoenberg (the American grandson of another famous Austrian, composer Arnold Schoenberg) isn’t particularly interested in the merits of Maria’s tenuous contention. Until, that is, he learns the painting is worth an estimated $100 million.  Against all odds, this decidedly odd couple—a determined American upstart and a fiercely independent Austrian octogenarian—team up to take on the Austrian government. It’s an ever-escalating legal showdown that bounces back and forth between Vienna and America, including a dramatic chapter involving the United States Supreme Court.

Along the way, Maria must face deeply buried fears of returning to the country she fled in terror nearly 60 years before. Randy, meanwhile, begins to discover and embrace his own Austrian-Jewish heritage more deeply than he ever has before.