Bulletin Devotionals
You are invited to use Devotionals For This Week, as found in the Sunday bulletin and the Beacon. These are daily readings from the Narrative Lectionary. The pastors add a couple clues to help us make the connection with the Gospel reading for the previous Sunday. If you follow these readings, you will work through the Biblical narrative from creation to the early church. The same narrative is covered each year for four years, but with different passages. Consider asking yourself these questions throughout the week:
1. What does this passage say about God/Jesus? 2. What does it mean to me? 3. What will I do in response to what I’ve just read? These questions can be used with any portion of Scripture. As with any devotions, we usually end with prayer.

Perpetual Calendar for Thrivent Members
If you are a Thrivent Member, you may call 1-800-Thrivent and order a desktop perpetual calendar. (Say “fraternal” when prompted.) Dates, but not days, are used so you can start or stop any time, any year. A brief thought is offered each day along with a Bible passage and a photo that illuminates the thought and Scripture. Although this perpetual calendar is a stand-alone devotion, it can also supplement anything you are currently using. It’s equally at home on the kitchen table, desk or on the night stand.

Bible Annotation
Helpful Hints on Reading Scripture

Many people find it helpful to annotate or mark-up their Bible as they read it. Below are several suggestions that you may want to try.

  • Underline passages you find especially interesting or important
  • In the margin with a vertical line mark entries concerning warnings,admonitions, or items of special interest. Different colors can be used for different topics.
  • Use a hi-liter to mark certain subjects for example: blue for passages dealing with faith and belief and yellow for those that address works and behavior.
  • Place a question mark in the margin for passages whose meaning is not clear, you wonder why, or you need to explore, study or consider more fully.
  • Put an “A” in the margins for items you believe are absolutes concerning actions and how we are to live.
  • In the margins, mark passages that that deal with judgment with a “J” and those that deal with rewards with an “R”.

Contact Bill Hahn if you are interested in learning more about bible annotation.

Daily Devotional Books Lending Library
A daily devotional book is a great way to begin or end your day; it will encourage you to get established in a routine to connect with God. Many people have found that setting aside a regular time each day to read and think about God’s word, and to spend time in prayer, has been the power-house of their spiritual life and growth. Most daily devotional books begin with a verse or two, then a version of a person’s view on that verse, and most end with a prayer – very often all on one page, so not a huge time commitment – similar to “Christ In Our Home”, but in book format. Daily devotional books come in many forms and styles – some specifically designed for women or men, teens or young children, positive thinking or grief support, and many other topics; some have days of the week, some days of the year, and some with no dates at all but still usable for self-study. Many times, the daily scripture reading can speak to your day and you may be encourage to see how God is speaking to you through his Word. You can even read them with a friend or family member and discuss the readings. Spend a quiet moment with a daily devotional book to renew your spirit and connect with God.
Check out the SLC Daily Devotional Lending Library in the big basket in the Narthex. If you don’t find one there, review the basket list of other suggested titles you may find in a bookstore or online.

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