Sunday Worship is available at 10 am every week, Reservations required. 
Live Stream worship will be recorded and available online shortly after worship.
Pre-recorded worship will no longer be offered.

How many can come to the worship service and how will we decide who can come?  
Following the Governor’s guidelines, we can have 75 people in the sanctuary and 35 people in the Gathering Place (live feed).  Keeping six feet distance between people/households and wearing masks is required. Masks will be available for those who forget or don’t have one. Hand sanitizer will be available for use as one enters the sanctuary.
Attendance will require a reservation:

Reservations will open on Monday, 13 days prior to the worship date.
Will there be an on-site option for those who do not want to risk going inside?
Yes!  The live stream will be available on your phone, tablet, or computer.  Communion will be brought out from the altar to those worshiping in their cars. Moreover, weather permitting, you can get out of your car and have an outdoor conversation with other worshipers after the service (masks on and 6 ft. distance of course) like people are currently doing before and after Park and Praise.
What if the service is full? 
Not able to reserve a seat for worship in the Sanctuary or Gathering Place? Please contact us and let us know your concerns. It is vital for us to have feedback as to how many people are wanting to worship in the Sanctuary and not able to get in. Email: or

How will Communion be given?
We will continue to use pre-packaged containers of bread and wine.  However, we have newer ones that are easier to open and also provide grape juice and wine options and gluten-free.  You will come forward at the usher’s direction to receive Communion and then return to your seat – there will be a container for you to put your empty package in. You can kneel at the altar but of course, will need to keep a 6 ft distance from others.

Can we Sing?
With masks on, we are able to sing.

Are restrooms open and can we fellowship afterward?
Restrooms are open (only two people at a time).  You will be ushered out of worship and conversation in our narthex will not be allowed but worshipers can fellowship once they are outside.  Pastors also will not be at the exit greeting people as was our former tradition. We are looking at using the Social Hall for after service conversations as we move into our rainy season.