“Fragments of Truth” — Movie With Your Pastor

 The very thought provoking and visually stunning Documentary/Movie “Fragments of Truth” that close to 75 of us watched at the Poulsbo Theatre last spring is now out and PB will show it here at SLC on September 24th, 6:30 p.m. in Room 4. This movie is about the Biblical manuscripts on which our translations of the New Testament are based. The reliability of the manuscripts is addressed along with questions like: “Can we trust our Bible?” “Has Jesus been misquoted?” “Have the words of NT been altered from the originals?” “Who decided what books are in the NT?” Perhaps you saw this movie last spring and want to digest more of the content or didn’t have a chance to attend. Perhaps you have read books or watched movies or TV programs that have called into question the dependability of our scriptures. This movie is for you! Moreover, PB will be there to ask further questions and discuss the content and points made in the movie. Don’t miss this great opportunity! Eat before you come – beverages and snacks are welcome – BYO.