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Pastor Bill’s Winter Sunday Class Schedule

January 6th –   It is only every 7 years that Epiphany actually lands on a Sunday so we will take a detailed Look at the Magi and the Epiphany story’s surprises and revelations!


More and more difficult faith questions are proving to be obstacles that are causing many to either not explore Christianity, or wander away.  This is especially true for youth and young adults. In these sessions, we face head on, some of these questions with two purposes in mind: (1) Provide a safe and helpful place for all of us to work with difficult faith questions and (2) Give us all some help in responding to our family, friends, and neighbors, when they raise these questions in our conversations.

January 13th – Is science squeezing out the need for God? How can one believe in something that cannot be proven or tested? Is Christianity irrational?

January 20th – Is religion just humanity’s way of dealing with our mortality?  Is religion a creation of human beings to give us a sense of transcendence?

January 27th – Is religion or more specifically, Christianity, at fault for many of the world’s wars and conflicts?  If we could get beyond religion (as John Lennon’s song “Imagine” states), would there be peace and harmony?

February 3rd – No Class – Scouts Sunday.

February 10th   – Do I have to reject evolution to believe in the Bible? What about the dinosaurs?

February 17th – Is the Judeo-Christian Bible corrupted by generations upon generations of copying?  Can we be confident that our New Testament is an accurate reflection of the original “autographs”?

February 24th – How Can I believe in the God of the Bible when there is so much wrath and punishment?

March 3rd – Is the Christian faith intolerant or even hateful of people of different life styles?

Other questions will be addressed in future classes (see below) and as time allows! Have a question you would like addressed?  Send PB an email at

  • Is our belief that justification and salvation is pure gift (Grace Alone) essential?
  • Why does Jesus talk about his way being narrow? Addressing the exclusivity and universality of Christianity-isn’t there many ways to God?
  • How do we see other religions? How can we work together?
  • The “All Christians are hypocrites” issue – how do we respond?
  • Our counter-cultural worship – shouldn’t we change with the times?

Here is a link to the prior recorded classes:

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