Make this class part of your Sunday and have your discipleship enriched. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to grow in your faith and understanding.

Pastor Bill’s Winter Sunday Class Schedule


More and more difficult faith questions are proving to be obstacles that are causing many to either not explore Christianity, or wander away.  This is especially true for youth and young adults. In these sessions, we face head on, some of these questions with two purposes in mind: (1) Provide a safe and helpful place for all of us to work with difficult faith questions and (2) Give us all some help in responding to our family, friends, and neighbors, when they raise these questions in our conversations.

PB continues our class on Difficult Faith Questions and will wrestle with this often encountered question: “Christians are hypocrites. Many of the Christians I know are not people I want to emulate.  I don’t need the church to be a good person and why should give my loyalty to an institution like the church that is so messed up?”  Is this a question of yours?  How about a friend or family member?  We’ll delve into this difficult faith question with compassion and insight.  Don’t miss it.  It just may provide the piece of the puzzle that has you stuck or give you a word to share with someone else who is getting tripped up over this issue.

April 28: How do we see other religions? How can we work together?

May 5: Is our belief that justification and salvation is pure gift (Grace Alone) essential?

May 12: Why do Churches see the role of women so differently? The problem of Biblical interpretation…

May 17: Last day of Sunday School – God’s Work our Hands Multigenerational celebration.

Here is a link to the prior recorded classes:

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