middle Sundays – fall 2019
Laying a foundation for youth seeking to affirm their faith.

Week 1 – September 15th

How do we read and understand the Bible?  Is it true? Is it outdated? Why is it so confusing? What does it all mean?



Week 2 – September 20th – 22nd

CAMPOUT!!  Free weekend campout in Sequim. Back by popular demand.




Week 3 – September 29th

Are science and creation compatible?  Why is there such a battle between the church and scientists? What does the creation story tell us? Why does it matter?




Week 4 – October 6th
How was I made?  Am I an accident?  Does my life actually matter? Guests will help us with the biggest questions of life.





Week 5  – October 13th

Were Adam and Eve real?  What does their “original sin” have to do with? Isn’t sin just something the church uses to control people and make them feel guilty?




Week 6 – October 20th

Is Halloween about more than just creepy clowns and candy? Will there be candy this week?  (YES)!



Week 7 – October 27th

NO CLASS – Be at worship for Confirmation Sunday



Week 8 – November 3rd

Exploring God’s primary identity as a God of promise.  Does God make promises? Can I depend on God?




Week 9 – November 10th

Promises are easy when things are going well.  What happens when promises are kept by only one side?  When the pressure is on, what will happen?




Week 10 – November 17th

We’ll take a little detour to explore a story of blood, guts and Joe.  Tragedy, treachery, betrayal and forgiveness give us a story of how God’s love and hope get lived out in real life.



Week 11 – December 1st

NO CLASS – Enjoy some leftover turkey




Week 12 – December 8th

What happened in Egypt?  I thought Joseph was a hero there?  Why did Moses have such a hard time?  This story is MAJOR in our faith.



Week 13 – December 15th

One more look at Egypt and the roots of Jesus’ Last Supper.  Passover means something to us too.




Week 14 – December 22nd
Christmas Party

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