Sharing Our Story: Learning to speak about our faith in Christ Jesus

Hide it under a bush? Oh no! – Our baptismal call invites us to let our lights shine, reflecting the light of Christ that shines in our lives. Lutheran Christians are often more comfortable sharing their faith through acts of service, than words of faith. How we express our faith is often influenced by culture. Pastor Melanie will encourage us toward creating a culture of faith-filled acting, relating and speaking. Pastor Melanie will invite us to reflect on where God’s story has connected with our own stories. She will offer opportunity for Biblical reflection, introspection, and conversation about how we can “let our lights shine” in our personal interactions, relationships, and as a community of faith.

Suggested donation: $5—$10 per person

Dinner donation: $10 per person, $20 max family

March 3rd (Session I: 5-6pm, Dinner 6-7pm, Session II: 7-8:15pm)

March 4th (Session III: 9:40-10:40am)

Please RSVP to Church Office: by February 9th


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