ALPHA IS HERE!!—In an effort to expand our community outreach, SLC is offering an Alpha program.  This program was started at Holy Trinity Brompton in London, an Anglican Church, over 30 years ago and has been attended by over 29 million people worldwide.  It was and is designed as a way to hear about Christ and discuss the Christian faith.  It involves a meal, a video presentation and discussion, all in a warm, non-threatening way.  Meetings are once a week on Monday evenings, with a Friday/Saturday session part way through to allow for all 15 videos to be viewed in an 11 week period.

Questions are encouraged and there will be no tests or church commitment required.  The program is free of charge (a donation to offset dinner costs is requested but not required) with videos and study guides available online if desired.

Starts: September 25, 2017

Time:  6:30pm

Ends:  December 4, 2017


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