Summer Service Trip meeting #1 – We will meet at 12:15pm 9after 2nd service) and vote on our 2020 Destination.  Please refer to the following links to learn about the destinations we will be discussing.

ECUADOR – sample itinerary on page 14 or PDF   Click here:  Ecuador – Highland Support Project

  • Passports must not expire within 6 months of travel
  • No Visa Required uner 90 days
  • No vaccinations required
  • Travel warning April 2019 about crime.

Ecuador Entry Requirements:

GUATEMALA – sample itinerary on page 13 of PDF Click here:  Guatemala Highlands Project

  • Passports must not expire within 6 months of travel
  • No Visa Required uner 90 days
  • No vaccinations required
  • Travel warning  about crime.

Guatemala Entry Requirements:

COSTA RICA – with Youth Works  Costa Rica Brief Overview    Costa Rica FAQ        Sample Itinerary

  • Passports must be valid through length of stay
  • No Visa Required uner 90 days
  • No vaccinations required (yellow fever recommended if arriving from certain countries)

Costa Rica Entry Requirements:

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO   – with Youth Works     San Juan Brief Overview         San Juan FAQ         Sample Itinerary

No passport required


Fundraising is an important part of this year, while we have a small rollover amount from previous years, the international trip is the most expensive one.  We want to not only raise enough funds to support our trip, but to leave some in for next year’s servant trip.

We are asking parents to look at your calendars and commit to supporting one of the following fundraising events.  Click on the blue links for more information, sign ups will be available on Sunday.  If you have an idea for a fundraiser please let us know!!!

Clover Leaf Comedy Fundraiser – this is a new event, we haven’t done one before.  Anyone committing to organzie this must be able to research it and book a date with the Clover Leaf asap.

Applebees FlapJack Fundaiser – this is an easy one, youth sell tickets to the congregation for $10 and then help serve a breakfast at Applebees.  Adult volunteering will need to book the date, communicate with Applebees, help kids sell tickets and coordinate the day of the breakfast, and have each youth sign the Applebees waiver.

Leaf Raking – The Youth group will take 2 weekends the beginning of December to serve our members, rake leaves / Fall Clean up for donations.  The coordinator of this event will need to coordinate volunteers, transportation, schedule of yards and equipment.

SLY Auction March 15th – we will be having the Auction this year.  We will need to get started early.  All kids will need to donate 1 service item, a dessert for the dessert Auction and to help with all preperations.  Attendance is mandatory on prep day Saturday March 14th and the actual Auction on Sunday March 15th.  Job list is on the blue link above.

Easter Breakfast April 12th – We will be asking for Thrivent action dollars to help support the costs of our brunch.  We will need shoppers, bakers, set up crew, cooking crew and serving crew.