Discussion Questions for Silverdale Lutheran’s Foundations Class (click the below blue buttons to launch the videos)
Talks 1-6

Talk One – Introduction
• PB broke “faith” up into three components, what were those?
• What do you think about the point made here that faith “is not an all or nothing” thing—that we worship/believe and doubt all at the same time? How is it helpful? Does it raise specific concerns for you?
• What doubts or aspects of Christianity do you struggle with the most?
• Was there something in particular in this talk you want to explore further? Hear more about?

Talk Two—The Gospel
• PB gave a definition of the Gospel (fill in the blanks): The ____________ of Jesus of _____________told with it’s ______________________.
• How might you sum up the event of Jesus? What events within the overall event would you include?
• What words hit home the most that PB used to unpack the “event of Christ Jesus?” Which words/concepts mean the most to you? Why? Some of the words were: forgiveness, gift of the Holy Spirit, resurrection/defeat of death, eternal life, God’s love, justification, redemption, and reconciliation. What others would you add?

Three Facets of the Word & The Law and Gospel
• What are the three facets of the Word?
• Law & Gospel are words we use to sum up the message of the Word. What does the Law do? What does the Gospel do? What is the Law? What is the Gospel?
• How does the “lens” of Law/Gospel help in reading the scriptures?
• Was there something in these talks that you want to explore further or hear more about?

Talk 5 – Hermeneutics and Talk 6 – Final Thoughts
• What did you appreciate about PB’s words regarding interpreting the scriptures? What do you want to know more about?
• How does the concept or lens of Law & Gospel help in listening to a sermon?
• How ultimately does God connect with us? How do we properly “keep the Sabbath?”

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